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Composer. Producer.

Tom is an award winning composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who creates music for film, series and collaborates with other artists.

"For me it's about that moment, that special shiver you get when you know you've got something. After hours of toil, inspiration, self-doubt vs. self-belief, the hand wringing.

 Sometimes it takes a production twist, a happy accident, some chord fragment or melodic flub to get to the idea. But that moment when the idea comes alive is why I love what I do."

Tom's artist project fløqi is set to release its first EP in 2023. Inspiration stems from his Nordic roots and manifests in what he calls “song meets score”, giving license to explore the relationship between music and the "films in our minds" in a manner uninhibited by traditional genre, both solo and with his collaborators. 

Tom is also co-founder of a pretty cool music production company, the Grayson Music Group.

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